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November 25 / 20 
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1. Zip Through Routine Tasks.

Pay bills, print checks and track expenses faster Track your business expenses automatically, just by paying your bills

Assign an expense, such as "Telephone" or "Postage," to each bill.
QuickBooks alerts you when bills are due. Avoid late fees!
View all of your bills at once and create checks for the bills you want to pay with the click of a button.

Invoice customers, apply payments and automatically calculate sales tax

Create an invoice with one click. QuickBooks tracks it until it's paid. You can apply received payments or credits to a single invoice, or to several. QuickBooks tracks sales tax and non-taxable sales automatically and helps you fill out sales tax forms correctly.


IMPROVED! Choose the right report every time

Find the right report faster. A new, scrollable Report Navigator displays a description and sample of each report to help ensure that the first report you choose is the right one.

Track inventory and create purchase orders
Track inventory in QuickBooks and get reminders when it's time to reorder. Quantities adjust automatically as you log sales or receive shipments. And you can create a purchase order with one click.

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