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April 23 / 24 
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are the requirements to run your dealership - classifieds software on my own server?
  A: Our software is written in .NET We've developed a scaleable fully customizable software solution what can utilize any database backend.  All you need is the ability to run MYSQL or Microsoft SQL Server and you're ready to go.  
Q: I already have a website for my dealership that I've spent a lot of time and money building. What are my options if I want to use the Excel on the Web dealership software?  
  A: Here are a couple of examples on what we can do for you. With existing database driven website applications, our technical staff can import all of your listings, categories, images and all other needed information from almost any existing application right into your new database. We write scripts that will read your database, cross-match your information, create the needed tables and put your info right where it needs to go. For other static sites we can simply link your images to the corresponding listing which will be created in our database or simply type each listing into the listing administration area.  
Q: I have a business to run and don't have time to design a website. What should I do?
  A: Contact us here. We can develop your dealership website from start to finish.  
Q: Can I buy your dealership software and run it on my server or with my current web host?
  A: Absolutely! We offer any type of dealer a complete solution whether you need it hosted on our servers or your own. Developers can purchase multi-user licenses as well, at a discounted price after your first purchase. For ordering information Click Here.  
Q: Am I limited to the number of Vehicles I can have in my data base and on my website?
  A: No. With our dealership software you can create as many categories and listings as you want.
Q: I sell more than just Cars? I sell Boats, jet skis and motorcycles. How can your dealership software work for me?
  A: With our software you can create and name your categories anything you want and apply your listings accordingly. For example, you would create a main category named "Boats" and then create sub categories for the brands you sell. Then apply individual models to those brands. You can do this for as many brands you stock. See our Online Demo  
Q: Can users make a purchase from my classifieds listings?
  A: Since the majority of the listing that would be in your database require more information from your potential buyer we have not included Ecommerce capabilities in our software. At this time our classifieds software is a catalogue to display your products.  
Q: I have an existing database containing my inventory. Can I import this data into the new dealership software?
  A: In almost all cases we can write a script that will import your existing data in the exact structure needed to create or update our database. This means that if you're using desktop software at your dealership, at your convenience you can log into your online admin, upload your new data and run our import script and you're done! Supported software and file extensions include but are not limited to:
MS Access (.mdb), MS Excel (.xls & .csv), Note files (.txt), CGI Applications (.cgi) If your file type is not listed, please contact us.
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