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April 23 / 24 
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Dealership Management
Digital Dealership Software was designed with your specific dealership needs in mind. This software creates and maintains client and inventory records, generates sales, commission and expense reports, and scans, prints, stores and populates forms, invoices and documents. It has also been developed to automatically share information with your company web site by automatically updating online inventory and collecting leads all while integrating with Outlook and QuickBooks.

-Precise accuracy when calculating commission and dealer recap reports.

- Keep up to date records on all your clients and provide them with relevant follow up

- Stay on top of all inventory, clients, staff and 3rd party relationships.

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Vehicle Management
The Vehicle Management component of the Digital Dealership Software makes
sorting through inventory, customizing vehicle features and creating, printing and storing documents as easy as one click of a button.

- Access any vehicles in your database easily and efficiently.

- File all relevant documents associated to a vehicle for easy look up.

-Spend less time calculating and sorting expenses.

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Customer Management
Customer Retention is an important component of the Digital Dealership
Software Solution. Aside from tracking and recording basic customer information, it allows you to create follow up plans, post cards and email flyers, birthday and anniversary alerts, customer vehicle wish lists .and much, much more.

- Improve customer loyalty by helping you maintain contact with customers.

- Reduce the overall investment in advertising and put those dollars into your pocket.

- Options for financing Via Leasing / Leasing Documents and Applications.

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