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November 25 / 20 
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MS Outlook

1. Key Features and Benefits of Outlook: Manage and Prioritize Your Communication and Organize information better to help save time and be more productive.

Manage all your e-mail in one place. Access, send, and receive e-mail messages from multiple accounts—including work, personal, or Web-based e-mail accounts such as MSN® Hotmail®—within a single view.

Print less, read more. Outlook 2003 makes it easier and more comfortable to read e-mail messages online, including long messages. The Reading Pane has been moved to the right side of the screen to display twice as much content and reduce scrolling when you read long messages online.

Save time and find messages faster. Find e-mail messages more easily by grouping messages by date, size, conversation, subject, importance, or other criteria.

Organize your Inbox. You no longer have to keep all e-mail messages in your Inbox to remind you of action items. Instead, use Quick Flags to flag messages by priority or time sensitivity and find them in whichever folder they reside.

Automatically organize messages and receive reminders. Enhanced Rules and Alerts organize incoming e-mail messages according to your preferences and can automatically trigger alerts to remind or alert you when needed—such as when tasks are due or meetings are about to begin.

Find messages easily. Save the results of commonly used searches as Search Folders instead of having to re-run common searches each time you need them. Search Folders provide an automated way to keep relevant e-mails together, without moving them to other folders. Search Folders require a connection to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Exchange 2003, or Exchange 5.5.

Access your Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks quickly. Use the new Navigation Pane (or click Go on the menu bar), to access your Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Folders, Shortcuts, and Journal and find the information you need to answer e-mail messages, schedule appointments, and finish projects.

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